How To Earn Money Doing Surveys With Free-Ad-Blaster

Surveys are becoming very popular as a medium for earning a part time income working in the comfort of your own home. Free-Ad-Blaster has a feature called Survey Blast that can be used to run a business just doing surveys. We have compiled a list of sites called Survey Panels that deliver surveys on behalf of their clients to select members who join that Panel.

survey_blastThis Blog/Tutorial will show you how to use Free-Ad-Blaster to start and manage a Survey business. I am assuming that you have already joined If not you should do so. Its absolutely free to join!

Clicking the Survey Blast button in the members area will display the Survey Blast page as shown below.

survey_blast1Only 2 lists are displayed but this will change as we find new survey panels and add them to the database. On this page, you would click one of the lists radio button, then click the Blast Selected List button.

If you are doing this for the very first time, you will have to join each and every survey panel in the database. The more survey panels you are a member of means more earning potential.

survey_blast2When you join a survey panel, be prepared to spend 15-20 minutes filling in your profile. For this reason, I recommend that you launch one survey panel at a time. Clicking the “Post Your Panels Now” button will launch all twenty of them at once. This can be overwhelming.

Be as broad as possible when filling in the survey panel profile. The more products, services you use the more surveys you will be qualified for and the more money you can earn. Select a survey panel from the list and click the “Launch” icon.

Once you have joined all of the survey panels in the list, you can then click the “Post Your Panels Now” button to load them all in separate tabs. You would do this just to log in and check for daily surveys or to manage your account.

survey_blast3The heavy lifting is done when joining the individual survey panels. You will spend the most time at the beginning. After that is done, you will be notified by email when a survey becomes available. You should create a separate email account for this business. Gmail is a great email provider to use. Here is a list of emails for just one survey panel. I have joined dozens of them and get hundreds of surveys a week to join. provides you with a platform to run a survey business, which can be quite lucrative.


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