Managing An Ad Campaign – Part 3

In my last post (Managing An Ad Campaign – Part 2), I explained how to blast your campaign ad to Facebook Groups. In this post I will show you how to analyze the data that was captured.

Navigate to your Campaigns list after logging in to the Members Area, by clicking on the “My Accounts Menu” then “My Campaigns” sub menu on the right side of the page.


Select the Campaign you wish to analyze from the list displayed.


Click the Stats icon for that campaign.  It will display a list of the last 100 hits to your landing page, as shown below.


Clicking the “Hits By Date” link will show a list of your hits by date. Hits by Referrer shows all hits by Referrer. In many cases the hosting service for the person clicking on your ad does not show the page name and it is recorded as “No Referrer

You can drill down further by clicking on a hit’s IP Address to gather more information.


Unfortunately, you cannot get more detailed information than this. By creating several campaigns and changing certain aspects of your campaign, such as title, ad body etc, you can determine which ad would be more effective and seeing trends in where the clicks are coming from.



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