Managing An Ad Campaign – Part 1

In my previous post (Creating An Ad Campaign With Free-Ad-Blaster), I explained how to create an ad campaign. In the next series of posts I will explain how to manage your ad campaign and take advantage of the analytical tools available to you.


SL Blast (1)

Clicking on the “SL Blast” icon for the campaign will allow you to load  up to 15 safe-lists from the database and email your Ad to thousands of Safe-list members without spamming!


Select one of the lists as shown above then click the “Blast Selected List” button.


The Safe-lists that make up the list are displayed along with the Campaign Ad. You can copy the ad shown above and then paste it into each safe-list. Remember that this is not an auto-post software, but a manual system. That means that you must join each safe-list before you can post to it. You only do this once. A tracker link has been created for the Campaign. Always use this link in your ads. It logs every hit on your landing page.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to post your own ads, we can do it for you. We have several packages that will suit your budget.


I use Lastpass to capture all my passwords. It automatically loads the username and password for each safe-list so I don’t have to remember or even type it in. You can post to all loaded safe-lists in a matter of minutes.

In the next post I will explain how to do a Facebook blast to up to 20 Facebook Groups with one click of the mouse…


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