Creating An Ad Campaign With Free-Ad-Blaster

According to Wikipedia,

“An advertising campaign is a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication (IMC). Advertising campaigns appear in different media across a specific time frame of frequent flyers points.

The critical part of making an advertising campaign is determining a campaign theme as it sets the tone for the individual advertisements and other forms of marketing communications that will be used. The campaign theme is the central message that will be communicated in the promotional activities. The campaign themes are usually developed with the intention of being used for a substantial period but many of them are short-lived due to factors such as being ineffective or market conditions and / or competition in the marketplace and marketing mix.”

Free-Ad-Blaster has a Campaign feature that allows its members to create and manage an unlimited number of campaigns. This is ideal for split testing across different media and tracking the results. This blog shows you how to create and manage an Ad Campaign.

Creating The Campaign

Log in to and from the Members area, click on “My Account” Main Menu.

My Account

It will display the Sub menu on the right side of the page, as shown below.


Click on the “My Campaigns” sub-menu item. This will load a list of all your Ad Campaigns. An example of campaigns is shown below.


Click on the “Create A Campaign” link to load the campaign form as shown below.


The campaign name (1) should be meaningful and help you differentiate between campaigns. For example, if you created several campaigns to split test the Ad title, you would indicate that in the campaign name.

The target link (4) should be verified to make sure that it works. If you post an invalid link to Facebook, it will cause problems going forward, even after you have fixed the problem.

Click the “Save My Campaign” button and it will add the new campaign to your list. Remember that you can create an unlimited number of campaigns, making subtle variations in Ad title and body to test their effectiveness. The new campaign will be displayed as shown below.


In my next series of posts, I will explain how to use the various icons to manage your campaign…


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