Secrets Of Facebook Blasting

I built this site because I was tired of using auto blast software to blast my ads to Facebook, and being thrown in Facebook jail. This site is entirely manually operated and, as long as you keep a few guidelines in mind, it will not cause you any problems.

Guideline # 1

You can post to 20 Groups or less in a session. Depending on Internet speed and other factors, you can post your ad to those 20 Groups in under 2 minutes. If you maintain the same posting speed, Facebook may think you are using auto post software. They will give you a warning. Take that warning to heart! Vary your posting times between each group posting and you should have no problems. I have been using this site to blast thousands of Facebook Ads without any problems.


There is a rule that Facebook does not publicize. There is a limit to the number of groups you can post to in any given day. I set that limit to 200 groups or less in any 24 hour period. If you have pushed that limit without facing jail, let me know.

Guideline # 2

I have received many inquiries about whether or not members have to join each group before they can post to it. The answer is YES! This is a hard and fast rule for Facebook, Yahoo, Google Communities and other social networking sites.

The first time you use Free-Ad-Blaster, you need to join each group. This is super easy to do. Just click the “Join” button and move on to the next one. Each application for membership has to be approved by an admin OR by a member of that group. This may take hours to several days, We have over 2500 groups in our database, and it will take you several days to join them all. Keep the previous guidelines in mind. they all apply.


Guideline # 3

Always make it a rule to test your ad against one group before you start to post to the list. Each time you post an ad, Facebook checks the Target URL against its security rules. For some reason, they may not allow your post because the URL has been flagged. If this happens then you need to create a landing page or squeeze page that will redirect to the URL in question. We provide this kind of service at very reasonable prices (and Host it for you)

blocked Link

Guideline # 4

I have posted thousands of ads for myself and for my clients. What I have found is that the average click through rate is between 10-20%. That means if you post to 200 Facebook Groups, you will get on average about 20-40 hits. That is quite significant. The average click through rate for Safe-lists is between .01-.05 Percent. If you use our service to promote your ad on Facebook, we guarantee at least 1000 hits to your landing page.


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